The Collection

The New Era

The Division of Pleasure
Playing off the notion that all humans at one point or another suffer the same experiences, digital 3D artist Adam Martinakis has created a body of work that is extraordinarily unique and equally compelling. Polish-born but Athens-based, Adam picked up his medium through experimenting with digital 3D. He found the style a flexible format with unlimited creative potential.

Love for Light
Just as he set out to do, Adam has created a collection of work that is totally relate-able. His pieces may be abstract but the themes of loss, sadness, and fulfillment are clearly evident. His style is all his own and something to behold. It's the realistic look yet seemingly spiritual nature of his work that truly gives his pieces life.

All That Glitters Wants to be Gold

Pax-Humana (The New Era)

Time Will Tear Us Apart

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