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Skyfall: Official Review

Skyfall, the lastest globe-trotting spy-thriller in the Bond franchise, isn't a great movie because it represents everything we love here at TTL; fine watches, top-of-the-line suits, and very fast cars. It is a great movie because of its brilliantly penned script, flawless cast, and thrilling action sequences.

The 23rd film in the franchise is directed by Oscar Winner Sam Mendes, and to great effect. The plot of the film is as follows: A hard drive containing the identities of undercover NATO agents working operations all around the world has been stolen. It is up to Bond (Daniel Craig) to retrieve the hard drive, as many lives as well as the very existence of MI6, the Bristish Secret Intelligence Service, are now at stake. Along this thrilling storyline we also get a look at the back story of Agent 007, something that has never occurred in a Bond film. Mendes does and excellent job weaving Bond's history into the overall arc of the story and what's being told is quite enjoyable.

Thematically the film is about old versus new. Bond and his Boss, M, are aging tools. This leads many to wonder if perhaps they're no longer capable of performing their duties. The distinction of old versus new is amplified by the films villain, Raoul Sliva (Javier Bardem), a former secret agent out to destroy the agency that built him. Silva uses high-tech computers and hacking technology to cause much of the films mayhem, a distinct difference from Bond's hands-on approach. Speaking on the theme of old vs. new, the film does an excellent job of paying homage to the franchise's rich history. Without giving too much away let's just say there's more than a few Easter-eggs for Bond Veteran's to pick-up on and enjoy.

With Skyfall, Danial Craig seems to solidify himself as the new Bond. The spy's swagger, rough exterior, and sense of duty all combine to form a character that is very believable and also very likable  In our opinion, this is the best Bond we've ever seen on screen (Apologies to Sean Connery). Though Daniel Craig is the film's centerpiece, Javier Bardem nearly steals the show with his performance as Silva. Silva is reminiscent to the Bond villains of old; theatrical with his dialogue, absolutely psychotic, but still understandable in his actions. Javier gives life to Silva in a way that no Bond villain has in recent memory. The scene where Bond and Silva meet is probably one of the film's best. It goes without saying that Judie Dench nails her performance as the head of MI6 (M) and much to our delight she gets much more screen-time in this film as opposed to previous entries.

Highlighted with several of the best action sequences you'll see all year, the film is a joy from scene to scene. It is also a feast for the eyes (and we're not just referring to the ever-so-alluring Bond girls). Cinematographer Roger Deakins (known for his work with the Coen brothers) earns his paycheck here with some incredibly vibrant visuals.

Skyfall is being referred to as "The best Bond yet." Well we're inclined to agree. A perfect cast, superb script, and excellent directing combine as a film that is not only easy to follow, but exciting, thrilling, and most importantly, a true James Bond flick. There's a bit of dialogue in the film between Silva and Bond. It goes like this:
Bond: Everyone needs a hobby...
Silva: So what's yours?
Bond: Resurrection.
And indeed, with Skyfall, the bond franchise has been resurrected.

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