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Taking a second off from building some of the world's fastest, most exotic cars around, Ferrari has teamed up with some engineers just as esteemed in their own field, Logic3, to create a collection of headphones. The collaboration will see a range of world-leading audio products come to light. Featuring seven styles of earphones and headphones, this joint venture celebrates the automotive companies excellence and flair.
“We’re delighted to launch the first earphones and headphones within the iconic Ferrari by Logic3 collection, which celebrate the style and technical excellence of Ferrari. Throughout the design and engineering process, we have worked meticulously with the Italian brand to ensure the Ferrari by Logic3 collection delivers the excellence that the legendary marque demands.”
- Ashvin Patel, CEO of Logic3
The range of the collection is comprised of two distinguished classes. First, there is The Scuderia Ferrari Collection, which is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the F1 Ferrari team. Then there's The Ferrari Cavallino Collection; a collection influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s GT road cars. Each styling is impressively unique and does a wonderful job of capturing the Ferrari spirit.

Naturally these come with a hefty price-tag. Simple earphone models will run you just over $200, while the more extravagant headphones will cost just as much as the device that holds your music ($300+). But hey, you can't really put a price on luxury can you?

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