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High Society

Rihanna's latest single, Diamonds, was already a catchy tune, but it's a little bit better now that the self-proclaimed "God of Rap" has jumped on it. Kanye West's bars add new brilliance to the track. As Yeezy comments on his new life as a taken man, struggling with the new found monogamy, we get an honest look at the very exuberant and sometimes shady artist.
Victoria's Secret show, they miss me | Voices in my head, I need choices in my bed | AHHHHH, get out my f--king head | It's just me and my bad bitch | So you can say I'm on my Brad Pitt - Kanye West, Diamonds (Remix)
West changes his style and delivery with his verse here as well. The result is a refreshing change of pace. Diamonds was already a good song, now it's great.

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