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The Great and Powerful

From director Sam Raimi comes one of 2013 biggest blockbusters, Oz; The Great and Powerful. Starring a slew of talent (James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz) the film delves into the the backstory to the classic The Wonderfulizard of Oz. James Franco stars as Oscar Diggs, a small time magician hoping to do a little more with his life. Suddenly Oscar finds himself thrown into the world of Oz after a devastating tornado (déjà Vu, anyone?). He finds Oz in turmoil and upon meeting 3 witches discovers his life's greatest purpose.

Everything we've seen about the film so far has us excited. The world is beautifully portrayed, the cast fresh and exciting, and the film itself is left in capable hands (even if this is Sam Raimi's first big blockbuster since the Spiderman trilogy). The latest trailer, seen below, gives us an even better look of the type of delightful madness we will enter when the film officially releases next year.

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