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One of the best parts about the iPhone is its retina display. From crystal clear videos and applications to stunning photographs, the iPhone is capable of beautifully displaying the things you love. We've taken the liberty of making your iPhone look even better with the below backgrounds, designed specially for iPhone users. The wallpapers are of varying themes but represent several of the things we love/find inspiring. We'll be updating these for iPhone 5 users but for now you can download these for your iPhone 4 and 4S. Let us know what you think

How to download:
*PC Users
 Step 1. Click the background of your choice
Step 2. Right click "Save Image As" and save it to your computer
Step 3. Upload or Email the wallpaper to your iPhone

*iPhone Users
Step 1. Click the background of your choice
Step 2. Hold your finger on the image until the menu pops up
Step 3. Save the wallpaper to your camera roll

Click to view Full Size 


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